Choosing Your Hardwood Floors: Factors you Must Consider


What to look for in your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are becoming one of the more popular flooring options. Whether its pre-finished hardwood that you can buy directly in store or site finished hardwood , where the floor is sanded and finished on site. People have a difficult time choosing what’s best for them and their family. Families are worried about the possibility of their floors being ruined due to pets and/or their children; usually making hardwood flooring out of the question. Below are just a few things to consider when deciding on hardwood floors.


Purchase a Hard Flooring


Families with dogs and kids should look for hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating. The Janka Scale measures a wood’s resistance to dents, scratches, and wear. The higher the rating the more resistant the wood will be to surface damages. Oak tends to be a popular choice in Edmonton. It is a very strong wood and quite resistant to pests and rotting due to moisture.

Another option that’s trending and becoming quite popular is distressed wood. Great for owners with pets; as dents or scratches don’t change the surface of the floors, instead they tend to blend in with the original beauty of the floor.


Choose a Less Shiny Sheen


You must also take in consideration a home with a lot of lighting; lights tend to make every scratch and dent more visible. A floor that has a lower sheen helps to hide the dents and scratches as less light is reflected off the floor. Dynamic Edge Hardwood recommends a satin finish for all families with dogs and children that have darker floors and pot lights above their floors. This level of sheen can also reduce the time you spend cleaning your new floor. A lower-gloss finish makes pet hair and dirt less visible.

When choosing a color for your hardwood floors you have to remember the darker the floor usually means more maintenance.


A Harder Finish


When buying pre-finished hardwood floors from a store one of the many important things to look for is to check the amount of years it will take the finish to wear through or separate from the wood under normal residential traffic.

Dynamic Edge Hardwood Services a hardwood flooring company servicing the greater Edmonton area has the expertise to consult you with different options when it comes to choosing a finish for your site finished floors. Using our dustless refinishing we will prepare your floors and give you the option of choosing a finish good enough for every day traffic to our higher traffic finishes, which are more chemical and scratch resistant after application.


Theses are just a few factors you should keep in mind while making your flooring decisions and in the end we promise these choices will make your life easier when the correct flooring was chosen for your home.