Edmonton Dust-Free Refinishing

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The number one question everyone always asks is dust containment when refinishing or installing new hardwood floors. The perceived idea is that dust will be everywhere and that plastic must be 2 layers thick to keep everything out of the areas you want clean.  For many years hardwood professionals have used anything from a 1hp blower, to bags on machines and shop-vacs from home depot. I get why people are worried, I would be too! But, Dynamic Edge Hardwood offers the Bona Atomic Trailer this changes everything.

Most shop-vacs are 100 CFM and can run just 5 feet without losing CFM’s. Even the best stand alone vacuum on the market by Clarke is 200 CFM and can run hose only at 15′ without losing CFM’s! The other bad news is once the bag/filter starts getting dust in it (almost instantly) the CFM’s keep dropping to almost nothing till it is cleaned. That means your 200 CFM’s in the first 5 min of sanding is to 150 CFM’s and after 10 min is around 100 CFM’s That is horrible and awful for dust collection. Dust will be everywhere.

The good news is that the best vacuum system on the market really does pick up 99% of the dust. No, it isn’t some made up idea that the Atomic trailer picks up 99%, it really does! The vacuum has a 27 horsepower motor that is water-cooled and runs all day without clogging and is mounted to a 14′ trailer. The vacuum hoses can reach 300 feet without dipping below 400 CFM’s. The reason CFM’s in this vacuum are so high and always constant is because our bags are outside.Our machines have all been fabricated with dust containment as well to keep our CFM’s from the trailer high.

There really is so little dust made by our machines that 1 microfiber pad will get all the dust off the counter-tops and cabinets.

Give our system a try!