Getting To Know…The Most Popular Hardwood Floor Species

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For those looking to renovate a home or just make upgrades to a room one of the ultimate choices that need to be made is what type of flooring to use. Some of the typical suggestions include laminate for affordability or tile for durability but by far the best mix of looks, life span, and resale value is hardwood flooring. It’s not enough though to just know that you want hardwood floors, it’s also important to know what type of species is needed and the qualities of each…like these common materials:




Oak is the most common type of hardwood flooring in North America as it is economical, strong-grained, and efficient for Edmonton hardwood refinishing as it absorbs stain very well. The graining of oak is very popular as it hides scratches and dents very well which helps to retain luster as the floor gets older especially if a home has pets and kids. The two main oak types are red oak which has pink undertones and white oak which is gold and brown.




Pine is noted as being one of the softer hardwood floors on the market but many homeowners see this as an allure instead of a flaw. For one the softer pine is easier to cut and work with at installation but also minimal dents and scratches boost the authenticity of the wood. Also as the pine flooring ages the fibers will compress on themselves making the surface ultimately harder. One thing that should be noted though is that traditional hardwood floor lifespans are rated based on sanding and refinishing them 2-3 times over the course of the years whereas pine is not as adaptable. Please contact us for specifics on pine refinishing.


Brazilian Cherry


As the name suggests Brazilian Cherry has a dark red color that actually deepens with age. This type of flooring is very inviting and elegant and looks great in a den or study. Brazilian Cherry is very hard which makes it durable but can be quite difficult to work with at installation or even hardwood refinishing.



Bamboo is a very popular eco-friendly choice for Edmonton flooring because of it’s sustainability. Technically bamboo is a grass which means the stalks come to maturity in 4-6 years compared to 50+ for some harder woods. That being said hardness is not lost in bamboo as the strand woven process produces material that is harder than oak. Traditional bamboo is lighter in color but those looking for a darker shade can opt for the carmelized product.




Maple is very similar to oak but harder and lighter. Maple mainly comes from Canada (and Northern U.S) making it somewhat of a national treasure. Contrary to Oak, Maple flooring has a lighter grain color which gives it more of a smooth and sleek feel. In Edmonton maple is a popular hardwood flooring choice in modern homes although it doesn’t absorb stain well and can yellow over time in rooms with sunlight exposure.



 Cork is another flooring type with ‘green’ qualities similar to bamboo. The installation of cork planks are produced from the bark of the cork oak tree instead of the wood itself which makes it more sustainable. Much like a corkboard where one might attach bulletins the cork flooring has that same bounce-back feel which is both ergonomic to walk on and self-repairing to indentations from furniture. Perhaps best of all cork is impermeable to gas and liquid making it mold and mildew-resistant and one of the few wood floors that can be installed in a bathroom or basement.


Please contact Dynamic Edge Hardwood Services for more information about wood flooring type specifics and which solution may be best for your needs.